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Daddy D: 'Two Mommies Is One Too Many'

Focus on the Family does not desire to harm or insult women such as Cheney and Poe. Rather, our conviction is that birth and adoption are the purview of married heterosexual couples. Traditional marriage is God’s design for the family and is rooted in biblical truth. When that divine plan is implemented, children have the best opportunity to thrive. That’s why public policy as it relates to families must be based not solely on the desires of adults but rather on the needs of children and what is best for society at large.

So, Daddy Dobson has decided to weigh in on Mary Cheney and Heather Poe to have a baby in the latest issue of Time.

Basically, as he proclaims that he’s not insulting them, he talks about their act as “yet another untested and far-reaching social experiment, this one driven by the desires of same-sex couples to bear and raise children.” No judgment there, eh?

He makes the erroneous assumption that this child will have no male influences in its developmental years, and it the wake of that statement, bashes single heterosexual parents. So he tries to mitigate that with this feeble comment.

Divorce, death, abandonment and unwed pregnancy have resulted in an ever growing number of single-parent families in this culture. We admire the millions of men and women who have risen to the challenge of parenting alone and are meeting their difficult responsibilities with courage and determination. Still, most of them, if asked, would say that raising children is a two-person job best accomplished by a mother and father.

What is he saying here — are all the adults of single parent households damaged in some way; would a child be in better shape if the mother were to be involved in serial relationships with abusive men, for instance, than in a stable two-parent, same-sex relationship? Does he have some sort of ranking scale?

The problem is that Dobson’s America doesn’t exist any more; families come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and some are healthier than others, as a result of many factors. He goes on to bleat about the impact of no-fault divorce on nuclear families. You know, he may have a point on the damage divorce can cause, but he neglects to address the impact of the mental and emotional toll an intact, abusive marriage can have on a child.  His cherry-picking argument rings hollow, as usual.

Quite a few of the Freepi started nipping at each other’s tushes over Dobson’s bleating…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

One Dobson is one too many.

Really? And I suppose you think fatherless homes are a good idea? And no problems with lesbian lovers having children?

I thought we needed more children.

How about the male whose sperm is producing this off spring. What a creep Responsible for bring a child into the world and then taking NO responsibilty for its upbringing etc etc

Responsible for bring a child into the world and then taking NO responsibility for its upbringing I missed that in the article, can you please show me where you get that?

yeah, religious people are such a bother. They always want to talk about values and some people strongly disagree with them. It is so disturbing.

Let’s start a political movement to get rid of all religious people. We’ll call it Communism. And then . . .

Is the issue so much two women raising a child together or that they are lesbians? What if a child were raised with a mom and dad at first, then something happened to dad? Then, let’s supposed the child was going to be raised by his mom and a non-gay female relative? Is it different because dad was around for a while?

Would you address the article, instead of just throwing out ad hominem? It makes some important points, IMO.

It is called being selfish because in your case you present it wasn’t known the father wouldn’t be there

People..think about it…A human borne from a turkey baster and a petrie dish. Not from a physical union of love, and definately not as God or the Universe intended. You must agree this is the ultimate act of selfishness right??

Definately not as God or the Universe intended.

wow, thats a pretty big statement, how do YOU know what God intends? Just curious. Maybe this IS what God wants.

Then why did he allow for the invention of petrie dishes and turkey basters?

That’s a little like asking why, if God didn’t intend human beings to shoot each other, He let them invent guns.

You must agree this is the ultimate act of selfishness right??

Yes, it is. Selfishness is consuming our culture, and homosexuality epitomizes that vice. It’s disheartening that some in our ranks would defend raising children in that destructive atmosphere, simply out of loyalty to the current leadership.

Two Mommies or an abortion? I’ll take the two Mommies…..

So, you think God created petrie dishes, doctors, turkey basters, insemination clinics, the welfare system, enablers, so that two lesbians could produce a child to be raised without a father? Wow, Gods option menu is greater than I imagined.

James Dobson is right on target again. It’s not right to fool Mother Nature. It’s the poor kids who will suffer in the long run.

Mary Cheney is a selfish brat out to embarrass her parents, just like that Reagan brat did years ago with her awful books.

I respect and agree with Dr. Dobson, but why can’t anybody finish the sentence? I get so tired of folks pussyfooting around the camel in the tent. This is not a “bad idea” because “sociological data indicates…”. Parents should be male and femal because that’s how God made them. Homosexuality is wrong because God says so. Fornication and a host of other things are wrong, not because “studies indicate…” but because they are declared so by the Creator. We can’t say it but it’s true. And now… let the excoriation begin!

Dobson makes a bunch of assumptions, unverified assumptions. Sure a family with a mother and father is best, if stable, but that does not mean that something less than the best is unacceptable. Dobson seems to want to make illegal for lesbians to have children somehow (which of course is unconstitutional but whatever, but then Dobson has an authoritarian streak in him), and to have a flat out ban on gays adopting, which would be at once a tragedy and cruel, not only to them, but to kids that needs homes (and gays talk some of the hard to place ones, since in many states they are disfavored). Once we have some data that gays make poor parents, we can talk. It isn’t out there, and won’t be, so I guess we won’t talk. I know where Dobson is coming from on this and other related issues. I don’t want to go there.

Dobson, and a team of freepers, are going to lead a special forces squad to capture the Mary Cheney baby.

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