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Christmas trees go back up at Sea-Tac airport

The “War Against Christmas” battle looked like it was about to turn into the war against Jews, exposing the real agenda of the Christosupremacists.

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky’s lawyer predicted that the Port of Seattle would regret its decision to remove all the Christmas trees from the airport rather than allow the rabbi to have a menorah put up, citing the “staff didn’t have time to play cultural anthropologists” to avoid excluding any other faiths in its display that have a holiday in the same time frame as Christmas. The original request was made weeks ago, and the airport didn’t respond, so the rabbi considered a lawsuit.

The rabbi was appalled by the airport’s decision to take the trees down rather than be inclusive of other religions. His lawyer, Harvey Grad aptly noted,

“This is a mistake that’s going to wind up being an issue of national scrutiny,” Mr. Grad said. “It’s like saying if we have to have a minority kid on the team, we’re going to turn the lights off and padlock the soccer field.”

The public outcry, was swift and harsh, and in a good number of cases anti-Semitic. What did the airport do? It put the trees back up (here’s its press release), and promises to consider the rabbi’s request next time around.

Read some of the “Christian” cheer after the flip. (Seattle Times):

Tonight, Port of Seattle staff began putting up the trees they had taken down Friday night after a local rabbi requested that a Hanukkah menorah also be displayed. Port officials said the rabbi’s lawyer had threatened to imminently file a lawsuit, leaving them with insufficient time to consider all the issues.

A nationwide furor erupted over the weekend as news of the trees’ removal spread, with a flood of calls to Port officials and harshly worded e-mails to Jewish organizations. Today, Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky said he would not file a lawsuit and the Port, in response, said it would put the trees back up.

“This has been an unfortunate situation for all of us in Seattle,” Port of Seattle Commission President Pat Davis said in a statement. “The rabbi never asked us to remove the trees; it was the Port’s decision based on what we knew at the time. We very much appreciate the rabbi’s willingness to work with us as we move forward.”

Yes, look at what kind of Christmas cheer was spread by good “Christians.”

Robert Jacobs, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said about 14 organizations or rabbis had reported receiving hate e-mail. On Monday, his organization was advising local Jewish institutions that have received significant numbers of hate e-mails to consider having security during Hannukah and other holiday season events.

If you want to see vile, ignorant stuff, read the Freeper comments tied to self-loathing Michael Medved’s Town Hall column on the matter — he blames the whole dust up on the rabbi’s lawyer.

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