Draw Binky

I’ve been threatening to move the blog off of blogspot for some time now, and by golly, the time has come…soon.

Actually I’m planning on working on it after the first of the year when things settle down for me a bit and I’m going to be hiring someone to design the site, but I’m looking for an artsy-fartsy type to create a logo for the new blog which will have a new name (not to be divulged yet since I haven’t registered the domain and, no, it’s not hotnakedlynnecheney.com no matter how tempting it may sound).

If you’re an artsy-fartsy type with a cartoony sensibility, drop me an email at tblogg at hotmail.com with samples or links to samples. There is money and fame in your future! Not with me, but I’m sure things will turn around some day and people will stop laughing at you behind your back because you went to art school instead of taking that manager trainee job at Cracker Barrel, so buck up Sparky.

Okay, there is some money, but just keep your day job no matter how degrading it is.

Drunks who draw ducks need not apply…

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