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Sam Brownback: Jesus is the 'Reason for the Season'

Fundie (and 2008 prez hopeful) U.S. Senator Sam Brownback has decided to become Commander in Chief of the War on Christmas. Does this represent some sort of training wheels for Sam?

He’s jumped into the fray to encourage the set up of public displays of the Nativity across the country.

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback joined with other lawmakers and religious leaders Thursday in urging Christians to display nativity scenes on public property to remind America that “the birth of Jesus … is the reason for the season.”

Killer ‘fro Sam.

“Christmas is making a comeback,” the Kansas senator declared at a news conference at the steps of the U.S. Capitol, where Christian leaders had erected a temporary nativity scene to kick off a national “Nativity Project.”

“It’s okay to talk about the birth of Jesus at Christmas,” Brownback said. “We need to have these expressions of religion … It’s important for America.”

…They urged Christians to apply for permits to display nativity scenes on public property in their towns Dec. 19-22. Mahoney said his group had obtained a permit from U.S. Capitol Police to display their nativity – which included three wise men, a shepherd, Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus – during the news conference as a way to show supporters that it can be done.

There’s video of this news conference at CNSNews. Right Wing Watch (which gets the hat tip):

His exploratory campaign is less than a week old, but Brownback has already demonstrated that he has the toughness and resolve necessary to defend this nation from its enemies – such as those who seek to destroy Christmas, whether they actually exist or not.

Check out this hilarious picture of Sam at the press conference after the flip.RWW also posted this picture, noting that Sam said this in his closing remarks:

We’re a tolerant nation, and we’re tolerant of all faiths – including the Christian faith. And I think that’s something for us to be celebrating. I think it’s something for us to see as important. And [gesturing to nativity scene] I’m delighted to be a part of this scene.

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Ezra at RWW: As you can see, we will probably need either a smaller senator or a larger set.

Also, one of the Rethug Congresscritters from my state, Walter Jones, was also at that news conference bleating away; he called on elected officials to back the Nativity displays, because “there is no future for America unless the Judeo-Christian foundation of America is protected.”


In other Sam news, he’s been holding up the confirmation of  Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Janet Neff to the federal bench because she attended a commitment ceremony of a lesbian couple. He’s decided that he’ll allow it to proceed if she avoids cases dealing with same-sex unions.

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