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Libby’s Greymail Defense Goes Buh-bye


From pow wow in the comments:

 looseheadprop @ 108 –

This is the real deal, lhp – just out today, and it’s a Section 6(c) ruling, not 6(a). [See emptywheel’s recent thread “CIPA Fun” and its comments for more information on last week’s 6(c) filings and developments. Things clearly started to come to a close over the last week.]

The previous thread here has more details on today’s filings. I’ve posted the full Order at #70. AP and MSNBC have reported on it so far today, and this IS HUGE. Libby’s efforts from Day One of this indictment to get a graymail dismissal, have in fact failed, as of today.

It’s too bad most of the media have ignored the tremendous efforts that have gone into achieving this decision – starting especially intensively in late September, and not concluding until today. This is a very, very significant victory for the government – especially given that it was looking less and less likely after the 6(a) ruling you reference. But Fitzgerald and Friends managed to pull it off in the end.

It’s actually hard to absorb the full import of this CIPA ruling today. THANK YOU, Judge Walton…

Here's the MSNBC report.

And a Merry Mini-Fitzmas to all of you, too! 

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