Before you read this, please take this opportunity to put down whatever you’re drinking. 
Sometimes I spend  time on a soapblox site for indy conservatives, straight up fiscal conservatives, urban conservatives, and other people who don’t fall into the wingnut category.  It’s a small site…maybe 300 users, 10-15 diarists, a stable of regular commenters.  We recently found ourselves blamed by the Redstate kooks for the Nov 7 losses.  At any rate, some of the Red Staters came over to do some trolling. 

I asked one of the halfwits to provide me with a single argument against SSM that doesn’t being with “Jesus says….”.  And here is the response: 

There is a libertarian rationale to prohibit same sex marriages, even.

Marriage is a government-sanctioned contract. It is a government-created institution. Therefore, by not offering “same sex marriage,” what the public is effectively saying is, “No government – leave them alone and stay out of their lives.” What “same sex marriage” proponants are pushing for IS GOVERNMENT INTRUSION INTO THEIR LIVES. So…denying “same sex marriage” on the gounds that it is an unnecessarily government intrusion into previously un-regulated private relationships is completely consistent with libertarian and conservative principles – even before you get to the social and traditional arguments.

There are times when I hate being a conservative white male.  Seriously. 

dan l

dan l


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