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Hail Fellow Blogger, Well Met!


I suppose everybody's gotta have a hobby, and time no doubt weighs heavy on your hands when you're worried about what an upstanding conservative like Casino Jack might say to save himself from a new career in the prison laundry.  Via Raw Story, we learn that after hanging out with his homies on Redstate, the Bugman decided he needs to blog:

In his first post, DeLay blogged that "[o]ver the course of my political life I have learned many things, one of which is that not all good ideas come from Washington, D.C."

After a guest-blogging stint at the Red State last month, DeLay realized that he "needed to become involved in the blogosphere."

" is the culmination of my new found understanding," DeLay writes.

But Tom was not prepared for the phenomenon known as "open commenting," and the challenges it posed to his authoritarian personal style were…well, it appears a bit daunting.  After an all-too-brief debut he shut down the blog, deleted the posts and the comments, and it will reopen on Monday, but as Jim Brady could've told him — that dog won't hunt.  (Note — it is apparently now back up.)

Suburban Guerilla informs us that some enterprising soul has now erected "A tribute to the 75-minute period where Tom Delay actually received feedback from America." It does not appear that his blogospheric audience is quite as interested in his leadership as he anticipated.

I hope DeLay doesn't get discouraged by the experience after dipping his toes in the blog pond.  Exit polls indicated the number one issue on people's minds during the last election was "corruption," and I think Tom DeLay is an excellent spokesman for how the conservative blogosphere really feels about this problem.  Nobody will be able to articulate their true moral underpinings of the extreme right wing better than Hot Tub Tom. I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing his name filling up headlines and blogospheric column inches as the year unfolds.


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