There are no juggs in the Gay Agenda juggernaut
According to Roy, who has been nosing around in Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser’s quibbles and bits, there is a buck manly man-man movement afoot that don’t need no steekin’ wimmins. Sample comment from the types who run to Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser ( possibly comforted by the thought that she has less dangling between her legs than they do…although this may be too close of a call to make from the sidelines and we mayhave to bring the sticks onto the field for a measurement):

“Generally speaking I agree that men will continue to withdraw from women and from most social interactions.”

Yes. It’s called online porn and we’re guessing you’re already soaking in it.

But never mind that; the overall tenor of the comments bespeaks a generation of men who have had it up to here…or maybe here, with wimmen and would just as soon watch gladiator movies with their best buds than blow their Zima and Slim Jim money on dinner at Olive Garden with Courtney from accounts payable unless there is a pre-supper agreement guaranteeing them nipple visitation rights later in the evening. Sure it’ll be tough initially with the endless solo games of Madden ’06, but then a guy has got to have another guy to talk baseball and riding mowers with, and next thing you know he’s down at the Sodomized Squirrel watching Spike TV with his new friend Dirk and waxing poetic about Tom Brady… and that way lies madness:

Somebody alert Stanley Kurtz.

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