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Inside the Haggard marriage

Blender Eric passed on this telling passage from the Rocky Mountain News — poor Gayle Haggard at this point has probably put two and two together, looking back on Ted’s desired honeymoon activities.

While her husband took on the role of president of the National Association of Evangelicals and spoke with the White House on policy matters, she prided herself on being a stay-at-home mom to five children.

In her book, she reflected on the personality differences of her husband and herself, noting his idea for their honeymoon was a group backpacking and camping trip while she envisioned a more intimate setting.

That was our first clue that maybe we weren’t as much alike as we thought we were and that it was going to take some time for us to grow together,” she wrote in A Life Embraced: A Hopeful Guide for the Pastor’s Wife.

They met at Oral Roberts University, and there wasn’t a long courtship before they decided to get hitched.

They met in the winter of 1977, married in the summer of 1978, and Gayle Haggard didn’t even bother to graduate.

“Ted’s a lot of fun. He’s a blast. He’s full of life, funny, down to earth, unpretentious and smart,” McLeod said. “I think those were the things that attracted . . . her. And Gayle believed her destiny was to support a man of God.”

And the article goes on to say that Mrs. Haggard supported all of her husband’s decisions (at least the ones he told her about) because “she believed they were guided by God’s hand.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding