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A Quiz for Lawmakers

Jeff Stein tells us that the rising Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Silvestre Reyes, doesn’t know whether Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are predominantly made up of Shiite or Sunni Muslims. Well, the BCIS has decided to revamp the test required of applicants for citizenship. So I think we, the blogosphere, should put together our own new test–fifty questions a legislator should be able to answer correctly before he or she can vote on laws relating to those subjects. I’ve made a start below. Once we get a bunch I plan to put this into a document and send it to Pelosi and Reid. Hell–at the very least, maybe they can get their legislators to cram for the quiz so they don’t sound quite so embarrassing in interviews.

1. The terrorist group Al Qaeda is overwhelmingly made up of what kind of Muslims?

    a. Shiite
    b. Sunni
    c. Kurds
    d. Nation of Islam

2. The known nuclear proliferator, AQ Khan, comes from which country?

    a. North Korea
    b. Iran
    c. Pakistan
    d. Libya
    e. Iraq

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