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This Week in Thievery (T.W.I.T.)

Your war profiteering news for 12/3-12/9.

Looking back at this week's posts, looks like my job here is done.

In that case, I'm just going to rant about the rise of the American industrial revolution in the late 19th and early 20th cent– wait, what? There's more of this crap to talk about? Ah horse puckey!

A former KBR employee was sentenced to a year in prison and fined $380,130 in a kickback scheme with Kuwaiti dining service, Tamimi Global Co. Stephen Lowdell Seamens, who accepted over $100,000 from Tamimi, also accepted a kickback from a cleaning service.

Seamans, who pleaded guilty in March to wire fraud and conspiracy for taking the kickbacks, worked in 2002 and 2003 as procurement materials and property manager for KBR in Kuwait, where he awarded work to subcontractors under KBR's multibillion-dollar LOGCAP III contracts with the U.S. Army.

Former Director of Operations at Tamimi in Iraq and Kuwait, Mohammad Shabbir Khan, was also sentenced — four years and three months in prison. In June, he plead guilty to twelve counts of wire fraud, and one count of money laundering and making a false statement.

Back in September, it was discovered that Blackwater USA was conducting security operations as a subcontractor for KBR even though the Army says Blackwater was not authorized to guard convoys or carry weapons. Earlier this week, Waxman wrote a letter to the outgoing Secretary of Defense, Don "Cut and Rummy" Rumsfeld about this issue, including why the U.S. taxpayers ponied up for "exorbitant prices" for their services.

Christy pointed out that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-California) is the only committee chairman that does not need a committee vote to issue subpeonas. Okay — having Waxman head the committee is one thing. But the power to issue subpeonas at will? Thanks Republicans!

Congressional hearings into egregious profiteering. Do they sell tickets to this stuff? I want front row seats so I can finally sport my one-of-a-kind Henry Waxman Team U.S.A. jersey. (He's DUE to rack up some crazy Fantasy Congress points for me next seas– er, session.)

Henry Waxman, Team U.S.A.

Oversight, baby! Feel the excitement!

[Matt Ortega writes at SOTUblog

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