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I'm back on the Oregon coast and the cell phone reception here still sucks.  I decided to give Skype a try to see if it would work, since you can make outgoing calls to any phone number in the US and Canada free until the end of the year.  I'd tried Vonage before but found the equipment cumbersome and the reception marginal, in addition to being pretty expensive.  So the dogs and I went to town this morning and after Kobe got his pumpkin loaf we went to Fred Meyer and bought a USB headset and it works great with my MacBook Pro. I paid the extra $13.54 to get an incoming number for three months (we'll see if I use it) so other people can call me and so far the reception has been really good and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the crystal clarity with which I have been able to holler at them all day (kidding).

The possibiilty for using it for online phonebanking is probably good too down the line, but since it's free until the end of the year and you can try it for the cost of a headset it may be worth it. (I don't get any $$ on this, I just thought it was worth mentioning.)

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Jane Hamsher

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