Digby adds to the NARAL discussion currently underway with this piece of information:

If you want to see what's really up behind the scenes, check out the 95-10 plan which came out of the Third Way and Democrats for Life camp and is being endorsed by good guys like EJ Dionne. (This evangelical outreach plays into it too.)

The problem is that tucked in the details of their compromise plan that features all kinds of neat stuff about providing contraception for poor women and better sex education, there are a bunch of pernicious anti-choice and anti-science elements like federal money for ultrasounds in clinics and (incorrect) information about fetal pain among other things. (And you certainly see nothing about expanding beyond the 14% of American counties that now provide abortion services.)

There's no free lunch, right? Acces to birth control and sex ed comes at a price and that price is the idea that women can make this decision without first being forced to sit through a bunch of propaganda designed to make her feel ashamed and then being "offered" an ultrasound that shows the adorabletinybaby inside her tummy begging for its little life, after which they will also "offer" her some anesthetic for the poor little tyke before they go ahead and kill it. (If she's still selfish and cruel enough to go through with it, that is.)

What we are seeing is a new pincer strategy, with a slow, relentless mainstreaming of the liberal pro-life(and cowardly politicians') rhetoric which is intended to make abortion a source of shame and guilt so they can tut-tut about it in church — and the ongoing onslaught of the conservative anti-choice agenda which is intended to enshrine the fetus as a full human with rights that trump the irrelevant vessel it lives inside of. The woman with an unwanted pregnancy is getting squeezed by everybody now.

I've been suspicious about this 90/10 thing from the start — not that increasing sex education and birth control isn't a great thing, but if the goal is to let the Amy Sullivans of the world feel more comfortable about calling themselves Democrats by making women with unwanted pregnancies feel infantalized, patronized and ashamed, count me out.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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