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2006 Weblog Awards Saturday surfing…

I hope everyone has had a fun time over at the Weblog Awards site so far; there are a lot of great blogs to read. Many thanks to all who have voted for the Blend so far. 

Today I wanted to take the time to point you to a few posts by my fellow nominees in the Best LGBT Blog category. Some samplin’ after the flip.

In alpha order, some really interesting stuff to take in…

* Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin always does stellar, in-depth research that blows away the anti-gay junk science cited by the right wingers. Catch his post Paul Cameron: “Mary Cheney Cruel To Children”.

Paul Cameron continues to exhibit his lack of reagard for the truth, his lack of ethics in reporting scientific evidence, and his highly creative deployment of the English language to denigrate lesbians and gays. If it weren’t for the fact that some very prominent anti-gay extremists take his work seriously, we could all sit back and laugh about it. But we can’t. He doesn’t often get that much attention himself, but his junk science often makes it into mainstream venues with or without attribution. (Update: He does occasionally manage to get himself in front of television cameras however. He appeared today on MSNBC News Live reciting this press release.) And while some anti-gay activists are embarrassed by him, they find his “facts” useful.

* Over at Keith Boykin‘s pad, he’s blogging about Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, who proves why gays in team sports aren’t stepping out of the closet in droves. Apparently he has no problem going on camera to say this about opponent Kellen Winslow Jr.

“He’s a fag,” said Porter, refering to Winslow. “He tried to dap me up before the game. He’s soft though. I don’t pay attention to him.” When asked about a supposedly late hit that took place in the game, Porter said, “It was late. That’s what fags do. He’s soft. He wanna be tough but he’s really soft

Argh. What an ignorant ass. Go read the rest; Keith has the video.

* If you click over to Dorothy Surrenders, you’ll catch a lovely image and post about stylish and sexy Marlene Dietrich, and a good mini rant on the state of slim pickins for Best Picture Oscar candidates this year.

The big-budget prestige pieces look like an exclusive men’s club. “The Departed,” “Blood Diamond,” “Flags of Our Fathers,” “Letters From Iwo Jima,” “The Good Shepherd.” Nothing against the fellas. This isn’t a “men are bad” rant (we’ll save that for another day). I’ve just grown weary of all the testosterone. Sure, we’ve been thrown a couple bones – “The Queen,” “Dreamgirls.” But, overall, we’re relegated to romantic comedy land, chick flick zone and the slasher ghetto.

* OK, so we don’t see eye to eye on just about anything political, but Gay Patriot‘s got a good post up, “If Log Cabin Is Broke… Who Would Want To Lead It?” citing some of the speculation around the blogosphere (see Jeremy’s post) that out gay spokesman for outgoing Senator Little Ricky Santorum, Robert Traynham, was going to be tapped to head the Log Cabinettes. GP thinks the org could do worse…the comments and speculation are interesting.

* Ohlalablog features some seriously hot pix for the guys — The Perès brothers and Les pompiers de Paris, gymnasts who appeared on a talent program on French TV

* Queerty: The good folks there braved the filth-laden Westboro Baptist site to check out The Rotting Cryptkeeper’s “Patriotic Songs.”

Of course, when they say patriotic, they mean talking smack about how America’s nothing but one big Sodomite-loving den of iniquity. Here’s a mere taste of their musical stylings; we don’t know the tune, but we sure do love the lyrics:

  O wicked land of sodomites
  You’ve reached the bottom rung
  On top of all your filthy deeds
  You eat each other’s dung
  O wicked land of sodomites
  You love to worship flags
  You wave ten like a bunch of fools
  You’re overrun by fags.

Stunning rhyme scheme. Later in the song they couple “Satan’s lap” with “wiping crap”. Perfect for training their little tots.

* Terrance at The Republic of T. has been covering the dustup over Dreamgirls  star Jennifer Hudson’s comments about homosexuality, which she recently clarified in the media (she has a lesbian sister and earlier reports implied that because she holds Christian beliefs she must be homophobic).

I didn’t know Hudson has a lesbian sister, but it makes sense that having a lesbian sister who was out to her could cause her to broaden her thinking about the issue. It makes a difference when we’re out, in our families, and in our communities. And sometimes, as in this case, it ripples out beyond our families and communities, to help promote understanding when the people who care about us speak up. That’s why it’s important that we’re out in our families and communities, as I said earlier, so that we can speak up and empower others to speak up and make a difference.

* When does Andy at Towleroad find the time to dig up all of the stuff that turns up on his blog? There are always great roundups of tasty fixins. Check out his Foley cornucopia (complete with reactions) and this news in another round up that almost made me shriek in horror:

Rumors that Tim Gunn may not be appearing on next season’s Project Runway appear to be false. Producer: “As we have in past seasons, we will find a way to work around everyone’s schedules, and are confident the team will be back.” Project Runway would certainly not be the same without Tim Gunn.

Transcending Gender has posts up on ageism in law firms and thoughts on the decision by the NYC Board of Health to withdraw a proposal that would have allowed TG NY residents to change the gender on their birth certificates without having the final gender reassignment surgery.

And of course, don’t forget to vote for some of your other favorite categories. Just to mention a few that I’ve been clicking on: Konagod for Best New Blog, Jon Swift in the Humor category,  Shakes in Best Liberal Blog, Crooks and Liars in Best Video Blog, the folks at Raw Story for Media Blog, The Moderate Voice for Best Centrist Blog, and showing love to both Glenn and Lindsay at Majikthise in the Individual Blog category. I’ve also been surfing categories I don’t normally surf to see what’s out there. 🙂

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