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The I-Word

First off, go read all of this (snippet below).

Yes, there are plenty of “I-Words” to go around, and each and every one should lead to Impeachment. We impeached a sitting president for lying about oral sex, and yet let these people stay in power. The Iraq Study Group has proven what we all knew, they were wrong, have been wrong, continue to be wrong about the war they wage. There’s only one conclusion and the American people have made it in their hearts but may be afraid to vocalize until others start: George Bush and Dick Cheney must be impeached. And there is no excuse why they should not be. Don’t give me this crap about tying up the government, there’s not one person in the United States that thinks the government does anything at a lightening [sic] pace anyway. Either we stand on the Constitution as the law of the land or we do not. If we do, the ONLY thing left to do is for the 110th Congress to begin drafting articles of Impeachment the moment they are seated. Our founding fathers demand it, they wrote it so, and we must do it to remain true to their wishes. The evidence is all there, just look for it.

Crazy left coast moonbats like me have been barking about impeachment for years now, but first thing out of Pelosi & Reid after the elections were assurances that impeachment was “off the table”.Part of this may be due to the Clinton Impeachment.  “Oh brother,” the argument goes, “we don’t want to subject the country to THAT again.”  If I were ultra-cynical, I’d suggest that maybe Repugs in the 90s purposefully put forth the silliest, sleaziest impeachment they could just to poison the well, so to speak.  Get everyone to associate “impeachment” with “sleazy partisan witch hunt” and then when Repugs do come into power, they can behave with impunity, knowing the public will shirk from another impeachment so close on the heels of the last sleazy one.

Well, I am that cynical, but that scenario also requires that I believe Repugs have keen political foresight and had been planning all along to destroy America as we know it.  I can’t give them all that much credit; I think they just want to make money and horde power.  They probably just realized Clinton was hugely popular and the country was doing so well that Dems might be in power for a long time, so they went to the playbook for the old sex scandal trick.  Even with that they couldn’t win the popular vote.

What do you think?  I say that impeachment should be the top priority of the 110th Congress; otherwise rich, well-connected political bastards will know they can get away with the next heinous undertaking and the next and the next.

Yes, we need to get out of Iraq, get health care to everyone, raise minimum wage, and so on.  But ignoring the crimes of Bush/Cheney against our Constitution and our people while cleaning up all their mess just makes us the biggest enablers of disfunction since Courtney Love.

Some think that an impeachment will distract the country and make Dems look like sore winners.  I think impeachment would finally get the people to consider that maybe Dems are sportin’ a pair.  Impeachment would be the battered wife finally saying, “Enough!” and filing that domestic abuse report against her husband.  Impeachment wouldn’t be partisan; rather, it would transcend party allegiance in favor of Constituional allegiance.

Perhaps the “no impeachment” idea is the Dems insulating themselves against an unintended consequence?  Imagine if there were impeachment, and you’re, say, a sitting senator from Arizona looking to run for president in 2008 and desperately needing a way to divorce your image from the perception that your a Bush-humping tool?  What better way to prove your “maverick” credtentials than by voting “guilty” in the impeachment trial of a sitting president from your own party whose approval ratings hover in the low 30s?  Indeed, maybe it’s better to let the Shrub stew in his own filth than to open up this political escape hatch for your opposition.  Well, better for your party, anyway, not necessarily better for the country.

Impeach now.  It’s the right thing to do.

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