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sHillary & Holy Joe on the Biggest Issue of the Day

2,920 brave American troops have died in Iraq, with 11, 7, and 7 troops dying per day, respectively, during the last three days reported.  30 troops have died in the first six days of December alone.  The violence there has passed civil war proportions and has moved on to ethnic cleansing with an eye toward genocide.  More Iraqis are killed, tortured, or left without adequate food, electricity, or sewage treatment than when Saddam was in power.  The Iraq Study Group report shows us to have no really good options left in Iraq.  Over 650,000 civilians have died and our standing in the world has fallen from “shining city on the hill” to “vigilante street thug in the ghetto”.  The president and his neo-con advisors lied us into a war that’s cost us $500B and will stymie our foreign relations for generations to come.

Now’s the time, time for the leaders of the Democratic and the Connecticut-For-Lieberman party to stand up and address the Biggest Issue of our Time:

There will be major news on Capitol Hill tomorrow as two long time critics of the video game industry partner with the ESRB for a public service announcement campaign designed to promote ratings awareness.

In a press conference scheduled for 3:00 P.M., Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) will appear with ESA president Doug Lowenstein and ESRB president Patricia Vance to announce the launch of a nationwide television campaign to promote awareness of video game ratings.

I can’t even break through enough of my disgust to compose a pithy rejoinder to this crap.  However, I can peek through just enough to see the irony in trying to keep violent first-person shooter games out of the hands of teenagers when those games owe their existence to military training simulators and kids who do well at those games might well have a better chance on the battlefield if they do go to Iraq.

Shorter: teenagers shooting bloody pixels on the TV = bad; teenagers shooting real human beings in Iraq = good.

sHillary continues to tack to the center, flanked by Mr. Right-of-Center Joementum himself.  How many times must we say it?  sHillary, those “family values” voters are not going to vote for you, not even if you bring up the video game bogeyman, not even if you wrap yourself in an anti-flag burning amendment, hell, not even if you brought to them the still-beating hearts of Barney Frank, Hugh Hefner, and Hugo Chavez impaled on a spear while signing an executive order to deport all the gays, atheists, and illegal immigrants to the Falkland Islands.  It ain’t gonna happen, babe; you’re fishing in the wrong pond.

OK, I lied.  I did come up with a pithy rejoinder.  I guess the disgust with sHillary & Holy Joe is becoming routine to me now.

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