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Q of the day – fundie reaction to same-sex commercial

Kate and I were in the car and gabbing about the whole Cheney pregnancy matter and the fact that the fundies and freepers revealed themselves again as obsessed with homos, procreation, and the rescue of conservative breeding stock.

Most of the time it’s all about the sex, which I blogged about for The Rude Pundit a while back.


Anyway, our conversation drifted way off topic and we thought of this “what if” —

What if the makers of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all started running TV ads marketing the drug to gay men? The same sort of “romantic,” but in-your-face (het-focused) ads on the air now, just subbing two guys.

I’m sure this would unhinge the AFA and Daddy D’s outfit, so, here’s a two-part Q of the day:

1. Would they launch a boycott?

2. If so, what would their campaign against the companies focus on/look like? What kind of bleating would ensue, as squishy they are about sex overall (with the exception of Porno Pete).

Be creative.

I have no doubt any such boycott would fail miserably, since most of these fundies are probably customers of the above-mentioned pharmaceutical companies.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding