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NC pastor supports anti-gay Baptist measure

Dr. Bruce Martin, patriot and senior pastor of Village Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC believes homosexual behavior is “a sin like adultery,” so he had no qualms about the Baptist State Convention, which met in Greensboro last month,  banning gay pastors and gay-affirming churches from its ranks — gay parishioners are only welcome if they are self-loathing and ready to flog themselves in the church. (FayObserver):

Martin says there are gay people among Village’s many worshippers on Sunday mornings. They can seek redemption through Jesus, just like anyone else, he says.

But they “must promise not to engage in sin. They must repent like everybody else who repents. If that is in their heart, they are welcome.”

He’s happy to let the Baptist churches that are accepting of gay clergy and gay parishioners in relationships leave the BSC flock.

“A church would have to blatantly affirm homosexuality by endorsing it,” he says, asked what would trigger an investigation. “not necessarily by saying, ‘We have a mission to reach out to the homosexual community.’”

Martin says autonomy is a cornerstone of churches in the state convention. But scripture takes precedence, and the Bible is clear in condemning homosexual behavior, he says. He says: “The very first temptation that Satan offered to Adam was ‘Did God really say …?’

“Some churches are questioning the word of God.”

Praise Jeebus.

The kicker in the article is that he equates homosexuality with adultery in terms of the level of sinning — does he plan to boot all adulterers?

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