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Hartline: Mitt Romney's beliefs disgrace the birth of Christ

Autumn clued me in to the latest James Hartline diatribe. He’s lost his cookies over the appearance of soon-to-be-former-governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts in the homosexual stronghold of San Diego.

I cannot post more than a snippet of this because it quickly devolves into the usual Hartline insanity, but it’s the kind of unhinged opposition I’m sure Mitt’s staff is worried about as he courts the fundie vote. I say, bring it on…

San Diego Republican Party Hits New Low: Local GOP Leaders Invite Mormon Cult Member As Christmas Party Guest Of Honor

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Is An Avowed Member Of Mormon Church Cult: Mormonism Teaches That Jesus & The Devil Are Brothers!

San Diego Christians Outraged At GOP Disrespect For Their Faith During Christianity’s Most Important Event

…The idea that leaders of the San Diego Republican Party would invite a member of a cult to be their guest of honor at the local GOP’s annual Christmas Party is not sitting well with Christian voters. In fact, many voters are dumbfounded that San Diego’s GOP leaders would pick Mitt Romney, an avowed member of the Mormon Church, as their guest of honor during an event that is supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Among many serious problems with the Romney invitation is the fact that Romney’s Mormon religion teaches that Jesus and Lucifer (aka Satan) are brothers.

Romney’s bizarre religious beliefs truly disgrace the birth of Christ.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding