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BlueJersey's second 'Think Equal' ad

How about those taxes? BlueJersey‘s second ad in the “Think Equal” series shows how gay and lesbian couples, even with civil unions, run into issues regarding their taxes that married couples do not.

The first ad showed the women comparing their marriage and civil union and how separate and allegedly equal is pretty meaningless when it comes down to bigots and real-life circumstances.

Also, in New Jersey marriage equality news, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee held a hearing today on Assembly Bill A3787, the civil union bill, and members voted to send the measure to the full Assembly for a floor vote. (Lambda Legal):

“If passed, this huge civil union bill will become one of the largest forms of statutory discrimination ever created by the New Jersey Legislature,” said David Buckel, Marriage Project Director at Lambda Legal and lead attorney on the New Jersey marriage lawsuit. “The discriminatory bill is 63 pages all to avoid the one word that does the job—marriage.”

There can only be one reason for this bill, and that is to say that same-sex couples’ relationships are unworthy of marriage. The Court gave the legislature 180 days to do it right—let’s not rush and do it wrong,” added Buckel.

In its October decision the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously found that same-sex couples in New Jersey must have equal protection under the law and be granted the rights and responsibilities of marriage, but gave the legislature the opportunity to correct the violation. If the legislature chose civil unions over marriage, the Court left open the question of whether or not that choice would be constitutional, reasoning that the legislature should have the chance to explain its decision.

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