December 7th… and we remember

Today is December 7th, a day of remembrance when we are called upon to remind Dan Riehl that neither Iraq nor Iran attacked us on September 11:

…What struck me most about his column was that there was no grand celebration of the waking of a sleeping giant that was America on December 6, 1941. Instead, he writes mostly of the nearly 3,000 innocent civilians we lost in an attack on New York City almost sixty years later and the trials and tribulations America’s global war on terror has become.

I heard a sound clip of Al Gore, a would be Democrat leader and former Vice President on the news yesterday. He, in his particular stupor-ed way, pronounced the Iraq War the greatest strategic mistake in America’s history, totally ignoring the tragically flawed policy of a President from his party that turned Iran over to a mullahcracy, thus paving the way for many of our greatest challenges in the world today. He was simply another mediocre politician serving himself and his personal and professional interests yet once more at America’s great expense. Regardless of his political persuasion, that such a smallish man could occupy the second highest elected office in this land for eight years is what aggravated me the most.

And then you take this mostly useless useful idiot blogger, Atttyood (sic), and read his screeching prose and quote of how the Right is only pointing out the obvious flaws of today’s AP as a means of distracting from events in Iraq.

the trials and tribulations America’s global war on terror has become” … “stupor-ed” … “mostly useless useful idiot“.

If you’re thinking about becoming a blogger, remember that this is an example of the type of keen insightful prose that will get you that coveted Whizbang Web Award nomination.

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