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RIP James Kim


You probably have to have pretty good geek credentials to know who James Kim was, but he was found dead earlier today after leaving his snowbound car two days ago trying to save his wife and kids. 

Well I'm a big geek and back in the day when The Screensavers was hosted by Leo LaPort and Patrick Norton (before G4 took over and trashed it), it was the the best show on tv.  I don't think I missed an episode for years and it was very much on my mind when I started FDL.  It was smart, funny and always informative — you never knew when Brian Eno was going to show up and talk about his 10,000 year clock or Michio Kaku would do his best to make the latest theories in particle physics understandable to non-eggheads such as myself.  It's also how I became hopelessly addicted to Serial Experiments: Lain.  It was very political, strongly promoted the EFF and always took time to focus on legislation that affected technology and communication.  Then G4 took over they tried to turn it into a glorified toy and videogame showcase, and when it finally crashed and burned Kevin Rose went on to form Digg.  James Kim used to do segments on digital photography where he would show photos he took of his baby daughter, whom he clearly adored.

From the AP:

A tearful Undersheriff Brian Anderson announced the discovery of the body, his voice breaking at one point.

"He was very motivated," Anderson said. "We were having trouble in there. He traveled a long distance."


Earlier in the day, searchers said they had uncovered clues that suggested Kim had shed clothing and arranged it to give searchers clues to his whereabouts. They had also made plans to drop rescue packages with clothing, emergency gear and provisions.

Kim, 35, was a senior editor for the technology media company CNET Networks Inc. He and his family had been missing since Nov. 25. They were heading home to San Francisco after a family vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

Kim's wife, Kati, told officers that the couple made a wrong turn and became stuck in the snow. They used their car heater until they ran out of gas, then burned tires to stay warm and attract attention. With only a few jars of baby food and limited supplies, Kati Kim nursed her children.

James Kim's last CNET video is here.

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