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Mary Cheney is pregnant

With this development, Mary and her partner Heather Poe are going to make her father’s religious right friends go apesh*t again.

It’s a baby boom for grandparents Dick and Lynne Cheney: Their older daughter, Elizabeth, went on leave as deputy assistant secretary of state before having her fifth child in July. “The vice president and Mrs. Cheney are looking forward with eager anticipation to the arrival of their sixth grandchild,” spokesman Lea Anne McBride said last night.

Remember, Mary and Heather live in the official homo-hate state of Virginia, which passed its heinous amendment in November that bans the possibility civil unions and any legal arrangements approximating marriage rights.

Poe’s legal status in regards to their child is clearly an issue; Virginia permits single GLBT adoption, it doesn’t clearly prohibit joint gay adoption. Second-parent adoption law is also unclear. Equality Virginia:

In many jurisdictions, including Maryland and the District of Columbia, second-parent or joint adoptions are currently available. In a second-parent adoption, the legal parent of the child (whether through birth or prior adoption by one individual) consents to the adoption of the child by the “second” parent while maintaining the first legal parent’s rights to the child. For lesbians and gay men, where one parent is a legal parent (either through birth or prior adoption) second-parent adoptions insure that both parents have equal legal rights and responsibilities to their child. In a joint adoption, both parents become legal parents of the child at the same time, also resulting in equal legal rights and responsibilities to the child.

Unfortunately, it appears that Virginia will not allow either second-parent or joint adoptions by same-sex couples. In addition, at present, Virginia will not issue a new birth certificate for a child born in Virginia who has been adopted by a same-sex couple.

So Mary and Heather will be twisting in the legal wind, thanks to her party’s repeated hostility toward gays and lesbians. What can they do?

* designate a guardian in a will
* create a  “Designation of Standby Guardianship”
* set up Temporary Guardianship and Power of Attorney for Health Care for Minor,” and a “Co-Parenting Agreement.”

All these are protections are still subject to legal challenge, perhaps not in this case, where the families are supportive, but many gay and lesbian couples not only don’t have support, but they have hostile relatives who would interfere.

The question is — will Mary and Heather speak out in any way in support of gay and lesbian families and the injustice that exists for those in less fortunate social positions?

Oh, man, I can sense a meltdown in Freeperland…after the flip…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

I see no dignity in artifical insemination resulting in pregnancy supported by some anonymous seman donar at the clinic. I certainly see no class in that. Decency? Toward what? Lesbians raising children? How do you later in the child’s life explain to them that they were artificially conceived by some anonymous donor?

I’d rather see someone like Mary Cheney who isn’t out there shoving it down our throats than the openly gay ones who are marching, having parades, carrying signs & wearing t-shirts that you wish your kids weren’t with you & could read, when you see them. She carries herself with pride & isn’t flaunting anything. I do not approve of gays or lesbians but can accept that they have a right to live as they want, but don’t push it in our faces. We do NOT have to accept it as normal Heather has two mommies; it’s just wrong.

How do you later in the child’s life explain to them that they were artificially conceived by some anonymous donor? Not to defend the practice, I think kids, especially boys, need fathers, not two mothers, but how much harder could that be than explaining the usual process?

I think same sex parents are harmful to the memetic development of children. Some studies like ones from a researcher at UVirgina portray a more positive outlook.

How is this anyone’s business except Miss Cheney and her “partner” or whatever we’re calling it this week? I don’t want to hear about people’s sex lives, unlike most of the lemmings and sheeple in this country, getting their news from E!, People Magazine and Jon Stewart. What happened to the United States of America that I grew up in?

I see no dignity in violating the principals set out in the bible on how to procreate a child. I feel sorry for the Cheney family but Mary is their burden and is not for us to carry. I believe that God may have a different take on artificially manufacturing a child. You plea reeks of more feminazi emasculation of the already weak American male.

I believe that God may have a different take on artificially manufacturing a child. My brother has two beautiful girls through in-vitro. They took the totally moral stance of accepting however many eggs were fertilized. There was nothing wrong in the birth of my two nieces.

To save America for the long run we may need to open a “GOP Stud Farm. Of course no Rino’s could be introduced but we could find a great breading stock starting with Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin. On the other side of the fence we could start with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Rummy, Bush and Cheney.

The concept is to breed the best conservative female minds in our country with with the best conservative male minds. The kids are then provided with a solid conservative education on military tactics, economics and social issues. Once educated they will be elected to the Presidency and perhaps the Senate. What Could Go Wrong??????

But I find it fascinating that many (not all) anti-gay-parent folks here on FR are willing to give Mary Cheney a pass simply because she’s the daughter of a favored Republican. If this were the gay daughter of Democrats they’d want to string her up and/or throw her out of the country, and/or say it was all the fault of her Democrat parents. Where is the condemnation they heap on the opposition? Why is this not Dick and Lynne Cheney’s “faults” for how they raised their daughter? I sense some uneasy hypocrisy.

We’re not discussing economics. We’re talking about rational people like Ms. Cheney who are not capable of having a family because of her sexual and relationship choice. She took a baby from a potential mom and dad. bottomline.

On the one hand you have Mary Cheney and her partner of 15 years raising a child, and on the other you have Briteny Spears delivering two children in holy wedlock with her husband Kevin Federline. My money is on the Cheney child to grow up far more positively.

Here’s another reason Mary and Heather need to be concerned about their status in the Commonwealth, from an op-ed in the WaPo on the broad impact of the state’s ridiculously unconstitutional “Marriage Affirmation Act,” which went into effect July 1, prior to the sledgehammer amendment (h/t John):

When gay marriage came up, Virginia was among the first states to preemptively ban it, in 1997. Moreover, Virginia is the only state to forbid even private companies, unless self-insured, from extending health insurance benefits to unmarried couples. That provision affects cohabiting straights but works a far greater hardship on gay couples, who cannot marry.

Those steps, however, impinge on the power of third parties (corporations and the government) to recognize gay couples. In the Marriage Affirmation Act, Virginia appears to abridge gay individuals’ right to enter into private contracts with each other. On its face, the law could interfere with wills, medical directives, powers of attorney, child custody and property arrangements, even perhaps joint bank accounts. If a gay Californian was hit by a bus in Arlington, her medical power of attorney might be worthless there. “Sorry,” the hospital might have to say to her frantic partner, “your contract means nothing here. Now leave before we call security.”

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Migrating out of legally gay-hostile Virginia

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