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2006 Weblog Award nominees

The list is out…and the Blend has been nominated again for Best LGBT Blog (see the nifty updated badge on the upper left corner) — thanks, everyone. The voting begins tomorrow.

Surfing around to see other blogs that you may not have heard of is the best part of these awards. There are a lot of new noms (see last year‘s) in the LGBT category this year, and all are interesting and deserving because of their scope. It’s a tough field — and a lot of quality blogging to check out.

See some of the nominees after the flip!In the Best LGBT Blog category:

Keith Boykin
Dorothy Surrenders
Pam’s House Blend
Ohlala Blog
Gay Patriot
Transcending Gender
Box Turtle Bulletin
The Republic of T.

There are 44 other categories with ace noms…

In the Best Liberal Blog category — how do you choose from such a great list?

Think Progress
skippy the bush kangaroo
The Rude Pundit
Jesus’ General
Shakespeare’s Sister
Bring It On!
Bitch Ph.D.

And how about a big cheer for Blender Konagod for Best New Blog!

Best Individual Blog noms includes the stellar Glenn Greenwald for Unclaimed Territory, and Majikthise.

Hat tips to Jon Swift  for Best Humor Blog, The Moderate Voice for Best Centrist Blog, and in the Best Media Blog category, The Raw Story, which is one of the most valuable resources out there.

Congrats to all the nominees.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding