Gawd NARAL is awful. Adios. See ya. Good riddance.

This is an unforgivable move by Keenan — way beyond the Lieberman move which was indeed despicable. But bolstering the right wing strategy of fetal pain of all things is so beyond the pale I can hardly believe Keenan can look at herself in the mirror.

Fetal personhood is THE BIG GOAL of the right wing Christians. PERIOD. One could argue (though I would disagree) that many of the other obstacles — parental consent, waiting periods, etc. — are less about fetal personhood and more about overall opposition to abortion and/or a belief that women are infants and incapable of making life decisions. But measures that are aimed specifically and rhetorically at the goal of establishing the concept of fetal personhood in the public’s mind — that is the ball game. That’s about the overall legal structure. It’s about privacy broadly, which underpins gay rights, the rights of pregnant women to make their own decisions free of coercion, the rights of singles and marrieds to contraception, and on and on…

And finally, there are some great & fierce pro-choice groups in addition to Planned Parenthood that actually do the work and don’t spout right wing BS and who do so against huge odds — they deserve our support:

  • NAF (National Abortion Federation, represents independent clinics nationally and keeps excellent stats on clinic violence)
  • CRR (Center for Reproductive Rights, pro-choice legal & policy group — one of the fiercest)
  • ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project (legal advocacy)
  • Planned Parenthood Legal Defense Fund (PP’s legal arm)
  • National Network of Abortion Funds (coalition of state funds that raises $ for low-income women who can’t afford a procedure; this is a very common problem nationally — most clinics need thousands of dollars each week to aid patients who are having trouble scraping the $ together in time to not need a 2nd trimester procedure, for ex — and a little $ goes a long way; they can help you find your local state fund, too.)

(Update:  This post was originally identified as being written by Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon. It was the result of a miscommunication between us over my desire to post a "comment" she had made — and we were talking about different ones. The "Amanda" in question is a regular reader. The post is still great, apologies to all — JH)