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BlueJersey's kick-ass marriage equality ad

Juan and Jack at put this together. The spot, called “Think Equal,” is a discussion between two women – one married, the other in a civil union – and they compare what their unions have in common — and the ways that “equality” can stop at the door when it comes down to real-life circumstances.

Why it’s important

Civil unions may look like marriage on paper to some, but we already know that these kinds of awkward legal constructs have failed in New Jersey.

Consider Paula Long and Rosalind Heggs of Camden who have been together over 15 years. They were registered as domestic partners and also had a civil union from Vermont. Under New Jersey law, they have hospital visitation rights and the right to make decisions on behalf of each other when the other is sick. That’s what’s on paper, but when Rosalind had a heart attack and needed a blood transfusion, the hospital refused to allow Paula to give consent. Paula even had a highlighted copy of the relevant law with her, but that didn’t matter to the hospital. They demanded to see their marriage certificate. (see video of their story)

It doesn’t matter how many rights you pile onto a word. What good is having the right to see your partner in the emergency room if the nurse at the door won’t let you in? A successful legal fight is little consolation if you missed the chance to say that last goodbye. And why should an expensive legal battle even be necessary to claim the rights everyone else gets by default?

Read more about the “Think Equal” campaign here and here.

Hat tip, Jay.

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