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Homophobia in the black community

* Visibility counts
* Blacks and gay civil rights
The black and white AmTaliban hop in the sack
It will be tough to get black churches to embrace gay rights
Not much progress on the black homophobia front
Self-respect in the house of worship
The activism of Rosa Parks and Bernice King
A towering figure is gone
Gay African American Students To Hold First National Conference
* Gay pastor feels he must step down because of bigoted congregation
Boxer Benny (Kid) Paret died because of homophobia
AFA columnist pits blacks against gays in Alabama race
* Series on LIFEBeat and anti-gay performers
Justice Sunday III’s tokens
DC Mayor calls out defiant homobigot pastor
NGLTF honors seven black leaders
Minority pastors courted to push Virginia marriage amendment
Homobigot black pastor bleats to students at graduation event
Bush’s go-to black homobigot on marriage
More AfAmTaliban – Keith Butler
Sharpton calls out black homophobia and addresses HIV
A black homo-bigot pastor spews, and Rick Perry does nothing
* Wilson bans Keith Boykin from the podium at the Millions More March

Willie Wilson specials:
DC pastor – lesbianism is “about to take over our community”
Willie Wilson: homo-bigoted pastor and LIAR
* Homo-bigot DC pastor gets skewered by rights groups
* DC Rev ‘apologizes’ for outrageous sermon attacking gays
Homo-bigot reverend flaps his lips over lesbianism – again


Best of the Blend

A-Z list blogging — what is it really about?

The ‘Acting White’ Myth

Alabama: the worst place to be a gay person in Bush’s America

Black gay visibility counts

Black wingnuts at Project 21: pimping for The Man

Condi, ‘ho boots, and rent-boy Gannon

Crosses burned in Durham: it shouldn’t happen here

Diversity in the blogosphere 2.0

Folks, where do we go from here?

The gay GOP continues to protect its closet

Gender politics, take 2 3 4?

Guide to the Top 20 AmTaliban

Handling — or not handling — gay rumors

Hair and black self-loathing

Letter from Peter LaBarbera

Mel Watt: re-framing gay rights

Migrating out of legally gay-hostile Virginia

NC County Commissioner has an unholy anal fixation

Operation Save America comes to NC Pride

Pitting blacks against gays

The politics of hair (again)

Self-respect in the house of worship

Skin and the color of money

Westboro Baptist Church protesters comes to Durham

Why the political closet costs us our rights

Your color affects your mortgage rate
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