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Tweaker Ted's long journey to rehab – now he's in Arizona

Former head of National Association of Evangelicals and senior pastor of the 14,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Ted Haggard, is holed up at an unconfirmed location in Arizona with his wife receiving “spiritual and emotional” counseling.

There hasn’t been a public peep from the disgraced minister since he went into seclusion following his disclosure that he had been receiving “massages” from escort Mike Jones and ordering up meth that he “tossed out.” Of course the church didn’t waste any time trying to deconstruct that story and they booted his sorry posterior from the church.

According to the Denver Channel, Ted’s at some outfit called Christ Comfort Ministries International, undergoing a five-year “restoration plan.”

The facility is “accountable to International Ministerial Association (and the) American Association of Christian Counselors,” according to a Web site listing for it.

In the Rocky Mountain News, it appears Ted receives daily calls from an overseer at his former church, Rev. Mike Ware.

As he does daily, Ware spoke Tuesday to the once-nationally renowned evangelical leader.

“Like anyone who worked for so many years and then lost everything, (he) is coming to grips with all that entails – the relief, the sorrow, the depression and the moments of hope,” Ware said.

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…Ware described Haggard as wrestling with emotional ups and downs. In response to a question, he said Haggard has such a strong support network of family and friends that the issue of suicide, which claimed the life of Haggard’s brother several years ago, doesn’t appear to be a danger.

Isn’t this sad? Instead of coming to grips with his sexuality, he’s entered a program that will further drive his demons deeper inside, as “godly men who are clean themselves insert themselves in the life of the one who is struggling” and who will “lay their hands on Pastor Haggard as an act of faith.”

The church, however, is now focused on not placing too much power and influence in the hands of the next person they name to lead the flock.

Of the highest importance “is to make sure a candidate is nominated who is of the soundest mind and highest moral character to be assured we don’t go down this road again,” said New Life associate pastor RobBrendle.

…”No future senior pastor of New Life Church will ever have as much power as Ted Haggard did.”

Hat tip, KT.

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