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Last week's discussion of cookies and tasty treats was such a hit, and I've gotten several requests for a second batch.  Seems we have a blog full of readers with a sweet tooth.  Can't say that I blame anyone for that, frankly, because some of the recipes shared last week sounded incredibly yummy. 

In fact, I'm certain there are, because I typed up a few of them myself and I know what those taste like from past December's baking.  Yummy!  (Trust me, try the pecan tassies.  Your friends and family will thank me later.)

So, if last Saturday's discussion prompted you to dig out the recipe box or those cookbooks you've had stored away in a dusty box in the garage since the move two years ago (whistles softly and pretends that the latter doesn't apply to her…), now would be a good time to share with the rest of us.

Have a favorite cookie?  Is it a refrigerator one?  Or a drop one?  Or one that you roll out and then cut with cookie cutters or a knife?  Or one that you fill with something yummy?

Do you have the old family recipe for rugelach?  Or is the the best morsel of chocolately goodness that you've ever had the good fortune to nibble?  Or…well, you get the picture.

I'm thinking that someone out there has a great recipe for some homemade candy.  Or even for some other homeade gift that you give each year — quick breads, chutneys, whatever — that you would like to share.

Think of this as your gift to the rest of us for the holidays.  And, even if you don't cook, hang out in the comments and talk anyway — because really, wouldn't it be more fun if you put your two cents in this morning?  Find any bargains online for gifts — or any great new places where getting your gift also gives back to someone who could use a hand?  Do tell.  Coffee is on, so pull up a chair…

Some cookie recipe links:

Food Network

All Recipes

(I found this adorable photo at a great food blog called The Scent Of Green Bananas.  I love this blog.  It's like being on vacation, but not having to deal with the irritating parts of travel.  Anyway, some good recipes and stories there, and I thought I'd share it with the rest of you guys.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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