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Ciro Rodriguez Update: TX-23


It looks like the chances are good for Ciro Rodriguez in the upcoming December 12 election.  Says James L. at SwingStateProject:

[F]rom what I've heard, the DCCC commissioned an independent poll last week that would determine how heavily involved they would be on Ciro's behalf.  The poll must have shown promising results, because otherwise the DCCC would have been a lot more low key about this race.

Ciro is a very good progressive candidate; we raised a lot money on his behalf earlier in the year.  James notes that the DCCC has a phone bank to get out Democrats in TX-23.  Ciro doesn't need money if the DCCC is getting into the race, but he could no doubt use GOTV help from anyone feeling so inclined (especially anyone who speaks Spanish).  You can find the online phonebank here.

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