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What Was Your First Clue?


Glenn Greenwald has a few words on Tom Friedman:

Friedman is truly one of the most frivolous, dishonest, and morally bankrupt public intellectuals burdening this country. Yet he is, of course, still today, one of the most universally revered figures around, despite — amazingly enough, I think it's more accurate to say "because of" — his advocacy of the invasion of Iraq, likely the greatest strategic foreign policy disaster in America's history.

My first clue that the Baker Group was completely full of shit came when I learned that they had spent an hour listening to what Tom Friedman had to say.

The Washington punditocracy is rightly under fire right now and in full CYA mode for having been wrong about the war in Iraq from start to finish. It seems like there is nothing they can do or say that will disqualify these people from continuing to flap their gums and wag their empty heads as they offer one useless opinion after another, and you have to wonder how long the situation will drag on by virtue of the fact that they continue to wedge themselves in the middle of the national debate out of pure vanity.  

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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