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The mailbag has been filling up, chock full of interesting tidbits.

* We’re up to 183 registered Blenders since Sunday’s relaunch. Thanks for signing up. 🙂

* Spot4Me passed on the heinous closet case Rethug out in Orange County, CA, Jeffrey Ray Nielsen, whose going through a Foley moment of his own — disturbing, obsessive love letters he wrote in the mid-1990s to a young boy he was involved with in Northern Virginia have surfaced. Billy was in the seventh and eighth grades at the time. Nielsen was arrested in 2003 for allegedly molesting a Westminster High School freshman and an enormous illegal cache of man-boy porno was found). His trial on charges of child molestation in that case has been repeatedly delayed, possibly by political connections (he was an aide to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher).

* Jasmyne has three good posts up that are worth the clicks — AIDS: The Power of Truth (Sharpton on AIDS and his lesbian sister), and Stopping the N Word Starts With Blacks.

The third piece, Follow Up to CLIK Awards and the Question: Where Were the Lesbians?, takes on the obvious and familiar issue of women (of any color) getting short shrift on the recognition front. We see that rise up in the blogosphere from time to time (lack of link love from the big boys), and it’s usually met with either 1) denial or 2) defensiveness. I’m not surprised to see it happening at the CLIK awards either. Sigh.

* I just received the 2007 George Bush Out of Office Countdown Calendar from Sourcebooks, and it is a hoot. Some additional fun:
— Type the words “miserable failure” into Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search. See what happens.
— Want to rewrite Bush speeches? Go to

* Check out Fortune’s huge feature that is sure to make the fundies ill — Queer Inc.: How Corporate America fell in love with gays and lesbians. It’s a movement. Even whining Porno Pete is quoted in the article, which explores just how far corporations are going to recruit, retain and market to the LGBT community,

* LoveandPride (a Blend advertiser), since July of this year has donated 10 percent of its Love and Pride Collection revenue to support Lambda Legal’s Marriage Project, which has been at the forefront of marriage litigation from its landmark Hawaii case in the early 1990s to recent lawsuits in New Jersey, New York, Washington (with the Northwest Women’s Law Center), California (with the ACLU and NCLR) and Iowa.

* If you want to read a great blog on Middle East politics, surf over to 19-year-old Brown University student Jeb Koogler’s Foreign Policy Watch. He’s certainly got a lot more going on than the brain-dead folks in the White House who are handling our policies in the region.

* A Davis, California student is being harassed at school for having two gay dads — and the family’s car was torched in front of their house. The Harper Junior High School student, Zack, hasn’t been to school in almost a month. CBS13 has video. Zachary’s father, Guy Fischer, appeared before the Davis City Council to address the situation. (h/t nlsngrc).

* Poor Mississippi. When the state has to run a campaign like this to overcome stereotypes about its past and present, you just don’t know what to say. (h/t Jordan).

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