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The wicked ways of Dallas

Who knew? Apparently Austin better look out for its reputation as the Sodomite capital of the Lone Star State, because the fundies think Dallas is going to hell in a handbasket because of all the homosexual success in the election there.

A pro-family activist in Texas says recent elections served as a wake-up call for Christians in the Dallas area. Earlier this month voters in Dallas County elected Lupe Valdez, a known lesbian, as county sheriff, and gave Democrats control of a majority of county offices.

Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, says voters in that county must not be afraid to take politically incorrect stands on moral issues. She believes that in the wake of the recent election results, Christians activists will now start speaking out about such issues. “Hopefully we can start turning this ship around in order to do exactly what God has called us to do,” says Adams, “which is to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, to seek His face — and then He will heal our land.”

Concerned Christians, she contends, must seek God’s guidance. “I can remember 30 years ago, Dallas was considered the ‘buckle’ of the Bible Belt,” Adams recalls. “What has happened? We as Christians have got to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. We cannot be timid.” On Election Day earlier this month, the GOP in Dallas County surrendered 42 judgeships, the district attorney’s office, and the county judge’s seat

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding