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McGreevey alleged ex-lover denies all – and more on Larry King

Golan Cipel, the man identified by former NJ Gov. James McGreevey as his former boyfriend (and who he placed on the state payroll in a position he was unqualified for) went on Larry King Live last night and he’s still sticking to his story that he’s not gay, but now he also says McGreevey is not gay.

Well, he qualifies it and says the former gov is bisexual, but is playing “the gay card” to gain sympathy and divert attention from the sexual harassment case of Cipel. Gee, I don’t think coming out as either gay or bisexual in this instance wouldn’t have made much of a difference for McGreevey — but to Cipel it somehow makes him feel better about his own situation of being outed. (ABC):

“I think McGreevey had no choice. There was a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. And he didn’t know what to do, and his advisers told him, ‘come out first,’ and he would be perceived as the victim” and thereby gain control of the story, Cipel said.

While he said McGreevey did make sexual advances toward him on several occasions, Cipel said the former governor also frequently spoke about heterosexual encounters, including sex with prostitutes on trips to Germany and the Dominican Republic.

“I believe that Jim McGreevey is bisexual,” Cipel said.

Cipel, 37, in his first extended national television interview since the publication in September of McGreevey’s memoir, “The Confession,” also urged the gay community “not to embrace McGreevey,” saying the former governor committed sexual harassment against him and others.

Cipel, who has repeatedly denied being gay, again insisted that McGreevey’s often graphic portrayal of their relationship in the book is untrue. In the book, McGreevey, 49, writes that he was forced to resign after Cipel threatened to reveal his homosexuality unless he was paid millions to keep quiet.

McGreevey released a statement Thursday night saying, “I stand behind the truth and accuracy of every word in this book.” He said he and Cipel had a consensual relationship that lasted for months.

The whole transcript is here.

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