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Canadian homobigot bashes NHL, Maple Leafs, over gay-themed film

“I’m not only surprised, I’m actually shocked that such an organization or such a business venture would actually promote homosexuality – especially amongst underage children.” That is the epitome of almost evil intent.”
— Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition

I guess you could consider Rushfeldt the poor man’s James Dobson, a man without a country since Canada already has marriage equality.

He really should consider moving out of the Great White North down here (not that I want him polluting our already wingnut-laden environs) since he’d have a bit more success. (AgapePress):

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the NHL have given permission for the logos to be used in a movie that portrays a Leafs player who wants to publicly announce his homosexuality. In the movie Breakfast with Scot, the player has a live-in partnership with the team’s lawyer and their adopted “son,” who is described by the film’s producer as “a budding queen of an 11-year-old boy.”

Brian Rushfeldt with the Canada Family Action Coalition says perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire situation is that an 11-year-old boy is “being promoted as a poster child for gay sex.”

…The Canadian pro-family spokesman says his group is considering a boycott of the Maple Leafs and the NHL. He notes that his group has in the past successfully boycotted groups for their endorsement of or affiliation with homosexual groups and activities — among them the Royal Bank of Canada over its “Rainbow Triangle Sticker” program

“Canadian Tire, which is one of our great Canadian stores, did some filming for gay marriage,” he explains. “We boycotted them and it cost them a bunch of money. So I think we are definitely going to call upon Canadians and [hockey] fans to have these people pay some price for this ludicrous business decision that they just made.”

* NHL, Maple Leafs OK gay-themed hockey flick

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