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Nutball William Donohue on the 'neutering' of Christmas

And a ho-ho-ho to this cretin. The head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, jumps on the “Christ in Christmas” bandwagon by placing an unhinged ad on the New York Times op-ed section on Tuesday.

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Some of the festive language…

There is something sick about Friendship Trees, Winter Solstice Concerts, Holiday Parades and Holly Day Festivals. The neutering of Christmas extends to the banishment of Nativity Scenes from the public square, the expulsion of baby Jesus from crèches not otherwise forbidden, the banning of red and green at school functions, the censoring of “Silent Night” at municipal concerts, etc.

…To be excluded is normal. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Black History Month, Gay Pride Parades-they all exclude someone. The Olympic Games are a showcase of segregation-men are barred from women’s sports-yet not even radical feminists call it sexist. Should all of these holidays and events be banned because some feel excluded?

  By celebrating Christmas we are celebrating diversity. Don’t let the cultural fascists get their way this year.

Did I mention that this is the same guy who wrote an editorial  titled What’s Wrong With White People, a diatribe on how the entire white race has been won over by the homosexual agenda?

Americans are a tolerant people. That’s good, just so long as tolerance doesn’t slide into amorality. For example, it is one thing to put up with immoral behavior, quite another to say we no longer object. Not only is there nothing wrong with registering moral outrage at morally outrageous behavior, there is something immoral about remaining silent. And no segment of society fails this test more than white people; in particular, well-educated white people.

…The same phenomenon exists worldwide. Virtually every nation in the world where the right of two men to marry is being seriously advanced is white: it is in Canada, the U.S. and Europe where the gay rights movement is flourishing. It is not flourishing in Asia, the Middle East, Africa or Latin America. Just in nations that are predominantly white.

This pattern is evident in the United Nations as well: non-white nations are busy resisting the tide of the gay rights movement that is being foisted upon them by rich white countries.

And to think, this guy is a frequent talking head on the chat shows. He’s barely hanging on to sanity.

Hat tip, Right Wing Watch.

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