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Mormons take the helm of NARTH, Nicolosi out

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) looks like it is circling the drain, as if it had any credibility to begin with.

Mike Airhart of Ex-Gay Watch reports that the organization, which “provides psychological understanding of the cause, treatment and behavior patterns associated with homosexuality” has fallen into such disarray that last week, advocate of “ex-gay” programs, Dr. Warren Throckmorton posted this on his blog.

NARTH has had some changes in recent days. A. Dean Byrd, PhD, CEO of the LDS affiliated Thrasher Research Fund was appointed President-elect of NARTH and I heard through a friend who attended the conference that David Pruden, Executive Director of Evergreen International, was appointed Executive Director of NARTH. Dr. Byrd (ProCon bio) is also a clinical professor in the medical school at the University of Utah and was formerly the Director of Clinical Training for the LDS Social Services. No word on when Dr. Byrd’s term will begin.

What’s that? NARTH has been absorbed by the Mormons? This guarantees a path to irrelevancy. Mike Airhart:

No word on the fate of Joseph Nicolosi, the organization’s longtime president.

Under Nicolosi, NARTH grew from a mere answering machine in an antigay therapist’s office into a flagship of the ex-gay movement. But the organization also strayed from its conservative scientific roots into cultural warfare. Its unaccountable advisory-board members and crackpot web team issued statements that affirmed child abuse and defended racism and slavery. Nicolosi himself recently encouraged ex-gays to abhor themselves, and his Love Won Out keynote speeches in recent years were lacking in constructive advice and peppered with angry comments about effeminate ex-gays and their parents.

Mike also has more details on the “ex-gay” advocacy work of Bird and Pruden.

Hat tip to Blender Mirele, who said “The new president, A. Dean Bird, is bad news. It’s an embarrassment to the
University of Utah that this asshat’s on their faculty.”

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