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Freeper eruption over Daniel Craig's call for gay Bond scene

Ah, my first opportunity to dip into Freeperland here at the new pad.

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I came across a story on the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, and his suggestion to the film franchise producers that the follow up to Casino Royale include a gay love scene.

You knew that this development wouldn’t go unnoticed by the knuckledraggers in the swamp…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„¢

Dammit, and I really like Craig too. Mmmmmmmmm, very cute!

Craig is the worst thing that could ever have happened to the Bond franchise.

How did this poofter end up as Bond anyway?

That would suck. Why not just make Joey from ‘Friends’ gay?

Idiot. Is there the SLIGHTEST chance folks would take their kids to see Bond flicks, and grow a new generation of fans for the franchise, if they make that choice?

He’ll be on my list on Dec. 1st, AIDS Awareness Day, when I will be wishing AIDS upon my enemies.

That’s a surefire way to kill the goose that lays the goldfinger. Coming from an actor who plays Bond but hates guns and can’t drive a stick shift though, it makes sense.

can’t drive a stick shift He’s apparently willing to learn …

Sean Connery was the BEST Bond of all. He is so masculine not like this dweeb doing the new Bond movie! Afraid of guns-breaks out in a heat rash-can’t drive the Bond car-doesn’t like martini’s! Geesh! A real Nancy boy!

I think that “Bond naked in the bottomless chair getting his testicles whipped” scene in Casino Royale pretty much accomidated Craig’s wishes….

Bring back Connery. I don’t care if he’s 90. He’s still got it.

I saw the latest Bond movie and it was excellent. Not sure the masses are ready for Brokeback Bond…..[Sigh, so tired of this lame Brokeback sh*t]

My suggestion is to boycott anything with Craig in it.

I knew James Bond was a tramp that would bed almost anyone. But, I also am sure he’s only likely to bed the female gender.

Apparently, there was a problem finding an actual man to play James Bond. They settled for a girly-male. I have seen every Bond movie, I am skipping this one.

I’m just disappointed. I really LIKED this flick. Sigh. The Gay Agenda never sleeps does it? [NO, no it doesn’t! 🙂]

What a retard this guy is! It would ruin a very successful franchise. I haven’t even seen this version yet but I hate him already. One and done like George Lazenby for Daniel Craig.

Any “straight” actor who lobbies for fag scenes isn’t even remotely straight
. Memo to the closet dweller Craig: A large part of the appeal of James Bond is that he’s the ultimate ladies man. A homo (or “bi”) Bond destroys the character utterly. It’s nothing short of incredible that anyone should doubt this.

Pierce Brosnan was as bad as this current Nancy boy! He comes over to the U.S. and bashes Bush! He’s a pretty boy-fancy pants! Sean wreeked(sp) of tetesterone. Roger Moore didn’t do it for me wither. Nope! Just Sean!

[We have a winner in the Cro-magnon category…]
Personally, I liked the Bond days where, when a woman got out of line he’d just smack her in her face. Not a beating. Just a hard one across the chops. I mainly like it because you can’t do that in today’s PC world and I loathe political correctness.

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