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So How’s the Wife and Kids?


While traditional media sources are focusing on what a cranky bastard Jim Webb is for not responding with cheerful bootlicking when Bush asked about his son (stationed in Iraq), it seems there may be more to the story.  From Not Larry Sabato:

As President Bush is well aware, a couple of weeks before this dinner the tank riding next to Jimmy's in Iraq was under fire and three marines died.

My sources are telling me that the way President Bush approached Webb with his tone, it appeared he was asking the question of how Jimmy was doing in a mocking manner, while he was certainly aware of the tragedy that had hit his unit a few weeks earlier.

It sounds entirely consistent with President AWOL's chummy, condescending frat-boy manner of intimidating conversational banter.   The Washington Post, however, is quick to quote those on the Hill who conclude from this outburst that Webb is not made of The Right Senatorial Stuff ("I think he's going to be a total pain"). 

And Chuck Schumer adds helpfully:

"He's not a typical politician. He really has deep convictions," said Schumer, who headed the Senate Democrats' campaign arm. 

From this we infer that Schumer believes that typically, most politicians have no deep convictions.  Whether you want to file this under projection or just simple self-awareness is a matter of personal choice, I suppose. 

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Jane Hamsher

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