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Iraqi Prime Minister snubs Dear Leader

The White House entourage actually expected puppet Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to bend over and smile after an internal memo leaked out that they think he’s a chump? Hoo-boy…the Iraq meltdown continues on all fronts. (AP):

President Bush’s high-stakes summit with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was put off Wednesday amid political unrest in Baghdad and public disclosure of U.S. doubts about the Iraqi leader’s capacity to control sectarian warfare.

…The postponement was announced shortly after Bush arrived here for talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah II and al-Maliki. Bush’s meeting and dinner with the king proceeded on schedule at Raghadan Palace.

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The change of plans appeared to surprise some members of Bush’s entourage. Boarding the motorcade for the trip to the palace, White House press secretary Tony Snow said there were still discussions about whether a photo op Wednesday night would include al-Maliki.

…White House counselor Dan Bartlett denied that the delay was a snub by al-Maliki or was related to the leak of a memo by a top White House adviser questioning the prime minister’s capacity for controlling violence in Iraq.

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