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(Photo credit to:  REUTERS/Jim Young (JORDAN))

President Bush flew to Jordan today.

The Hadley smackdown of Maliki-as-incompetent gets leaked.  Anonymous Bush Administration types try to tap dance around it by spinning the memo as actually being supportive.  (Riiiiight.  Ummm…hmmmm.)  The Mailki/Abdullah/Bush meeting today gets scrubbed.  Bush is only meeting with King Abdullah today.  Maliki is put off until tomorrow — as spun by the Bush Administration — but what if Bush is the one that is put off until tomorrow by a rebuffing Maliki, while Abdullah gets to tutor Mr. Rose-Colored Glasses about the concept of honor and standing up for allies instead of your own damn poll numbers.

Is it me, or is the shuttle diplomacy actually coming from King Abdullah between Maliki and Bush?  Again, and this is important, so listen up:  YeeHaw is not a foreign policy.

Froomkin has some thoughts on the meaning of delusion.  And, is it me, or is President Bush at it again with the "I have to be first through the door" thing that he does?  Where is Watertiger when I need her?

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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