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Bob Knight: soap's TG character 'exploitive ploy'

“I think we’re at a stage now where the homosexual movement has to continually shock. They’ve saturated the airwaves with pro-homosexual imagery, so now they have to go to the next step, which is transgenderism.”

Boy, it’s been a while since I blogged about the (former?) head of Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute, Bob Knight (he’s now director of the Culture and Media Institute at the Media Research Center). He ranks up there with Porno Pete on the homo-obsession scale.

He’s fixated on such topics as Starbucks promoting the homo agenda, the evils of ACLU, and that gays are taking over DC’s power center.

Now he’s moved on to the Transgender Agenda, as the ABC soap All My Children plans to tackle a transgender storyline starting on Thursday.

Knight says ABC “likes to think of itself as cutting edge,” and the network has already, along with countless others in the entertainment industry, embraced the homosexual agenda fully. Therefore, he suggests, ABC is now bringing a transgendered character onto All My Children, largely “to shock, to get headlines, and to try to get more people to watch one of their longtime soaps.”

Pro-homosexual ABC and Hollywood think Judeo-Christian standards are “just a holdover from a bigoted, superstitious era,” the culture and media analyst contends, and as self-described progressives, they need to attack those faith-based values. “They are dedicated to tear down every moral standard,” he says, “and they’re now using the transgender people to do it.”

Meanwhile, Knight asserts, transgender individuals themselves are among the homosexual agenda’s casualties. “I see these poor, sexually confused people as victims and pawns of a larger movement that wants to destroy Christianity and to turn America into a country we would no longer recognize,” he says.

Knight believes homosexual activists and their supporters realize that the homosexual lifestyle is so empty and devoid of meaning that the best they can do is to continue shocking people.

Another hat tip to Autumn, who said, “I’m sorry, can you imagine me as a poor, sexually confused person? And, what item number in the homosexual agenda is destroying Christianity?  I don’t remember reading that one in my copy of the Homosexual Agenda Handbook. Ask my peer Ex-Gay Watch writer Timothy Kincaid about that lie.”

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