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The General has posted another stellar review of a children's book that advocates eradicating evil dandelions (read:  illegal immigrants) from the beautiful hothouse flowers that need protection in a greenhouse (read:  everyone else in America, but especially Republican voters, who apparently fear for their safety and…um…their safety, when evil "weeds" are lurking about their gated greenhouse neighborhoods, unless of course those "weeds" are doing the gardening or tidying up the playroom.).

In case you are wondering where such a spiff children's book idea could have originated, look no further than the open and welcoming pages of the Chicago Sun-Times which, today, accuses the Bush Administration of collaboration with the Nancy Pelosi's of the world in potentially reaching some agreement on immigration reform that stops short of…erm…eradicating all the unwanted "weeds" in our society.

But with the shift of power in Congress, the metaphorical wall blocking immigration reform only a short time ago is falling down, brick by brick. President Bush, who was unable to gain enough support from his party for his guest worker program, now can look forward to seeing one of his pet projects pushed through. New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are on board to support a legislative package that will provide a path to legality and citizenship for illegal immigrants while tightening border security — a bill similar to the Kennedy-McCain compromise….

That Americans may have to wait many months before immigration legislation comes to a vote is surprising, considering how close Congress came earlier in the year to reaching an agreement — and considering the heated emotions that have made illegal immigration such a hot-button issue. Chicago was one of many cities where immigrants and their allies held massive public demonstrations to demand reforms. Legal status isn't something that should be doled out without being earned, but studies, including one by the Chicago Council on Global Relations, show our economic growth is tied to our ability to integrate the rapidly rising number of Mexicans in our midst. It's a timely concern, in practical as well as humanitarian terms.

Oh no…we have a "rapidly rising number of Mexicans in our midst." Quick, run for the border…oh…wait.

I suppose the only welcome quivers full of seeds in our midst are the Republican-leaning potential voter types that, presumably, are not the "Mexicans in our midst." (And yes, that particular phrasing was unfortunate on their part, wasn't it?) 

Needless to say, this book is not on the Smith family Christmas present list this year, but you probably knew that, didn't you?

UPDATE:  MSNBC reporting on a new Zogby/Hispanic PR wire poll putting support for the GOP among hispanics at 23% (trending downward) and for the Dems at 56% (trending upward) after all of this “demonizing the Mexicans” idiocy. How’s that working for you, Karl?  (Will link this up if I can find more specifics online somewhere.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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