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Police targeting Haggard whistleblower Mike Jones

The Denver police are going after the former escort, who exposed the anti-gay hypocrisy of former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard. [Tweaker Ted is now undergoing some sort of fundie five-year degaying plan.]  (365gay):

Haggard, a leader in the evangelical movement and pastor of 14,000 member New Life Church he built in Colorado Springs, was at the forefront of the effort to amend the Colorado constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

…The story broke when Jones brought tapes of conversations with Haggard to Denver TV station KUSA.  Jones told the station that he had a long term pay for ex relationship with Haggard and had helped the pastor buy crystal meth.

Jones denied selling the drug but said he put Haggard in touch with someone who would.

Denver police immediately began an investigation into Haggard’s drug use.  Now that investigation has spread to Jones.

Denver police want to know who supplied the drugs and exactly what role Jones played in the drug use.  He may also be under investigation for prostitution a police source said Monday.

Joe. My. God. set up a donation post for Jones, who just sent a letter for thanks for the support and messages to stay strong. The unlikely hero has received death threats (probably from some of those “good Christians) because of what he’s done. Joe:

Regardless of your personal opinions regarding Jones’ chosen field of work, you cannot ignore his unprecedented accomplishment of almost completely upending the Republican Party’s last minute campaign to divert the nation’s attention from the true issue of the election: the Iraq war.

…We’ll never know the exact impact that Mike Jones’ revelations had on the national election. He came forward specifically because Ted Haggard was hypocritically supporting Colorado’s anti-gay referendum. That referendum passed, anyway. And Jones probably didn’t fathom that his story would balloon into a national media orgy and image nightmare for the RNC and President Bush. Jones could not have predicted that his little sex & drugs scandal might have spun unknowable numbers of wavering digusted red staters over to blue country.

But it happened. Just barely enough to win by a tiny margin. But it was enough.

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