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Kerry brings up the rear in poll

A new national Quinnipiac University poll ranking the voter sentiment rating of national leaders has just been released, and the prospective 2008 Kerry team can’t like these results. He polls even lower than Dear Leader. Hang. It. Up.

House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi, who ranked last in Quinnipiac University’s quarterly reading of voter sentiment about national leaders September 5, has dramatically improved her standing. But the new Democratic leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, still remains at the bottom in a survey released today.

Republican presidential contenders, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Ariz. Sen. John McCain, and potential Democratic aspirant Sen. Barack Obama continue to get the highest ratings in the latest “thermometer reading” of national leaders by the independent Quinnipiac  University poll. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts ranked last, while President George W. Bush was 15th out of 20.

…”As we enter the presidential campaign of 2008, Giuliani and McCain clearly are in enviable positions. They are well regarded and most Americans are quite familiar with them. Obama’s showing is impressive, but four in 10 Americans still don’t know enough about him to have an opinion. Conversely, Sen. Clinton has universal recognition, but only mixed ratings,” said Brown

See the rankings after the flip.1,623 registered voters nationwide were asked: I’d like to get your feelings toward some of our political leaders and other people who have been in the news. I’ll read the name of a person and I’d like you to rate that person using something called the feeling thermometer. You can choose any number between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the warmer or more favorable you feel toward that person, the lower the number, the colder or less favorable. If we come to a person who you haven’t heard enough about to form an opinion, you don’t need to rate the person. Just tell me and we’ll move on to the next one …

How do you feel about — ?

1) Rudolph Giuliani – 64.2. (9)
2) Sen. Barack Obama 58.8 (41)
3) Sen. John McCain 57.7 (12)
4) Condoleezza Rice – 56.1 (7)
5) Bill Clinton – 55.8 (1)
6) Sen. Joseph Lieberman – 52.7 (16)
7) NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg – 51.1 (44)
8) John Edwards – 49.9 (20)
9) Sen. Hillary Clinton – 49 (1)
10) N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson – 47.7 (65)
11) Sen. Joseph Biden 47 (52)
12) Nancy Pelosi 46.9 (34)
13) Gov. Mitt Romney – 45.9 (64)
14) Former VP Al Gore – 44.9 (3)
15) President George Bush – 43.8 (1)
16) Sen. Evan Bayh – 43.3 (75)
17) Newt Gingrich – 42 (15)
18) Sen. Bill Frist – 41.5 (53)
19) Sen. Harry Reid – 41.2 (61)
20) Sen. John Kerry – 39.6 (5)

The number in parens is the percentage not knowing enough about the individual to rate them.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding