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Democrats Suspicious of Lieberman Hack Flack

So NOW they have problem with Holy Joe's willingness to stab the party in the back?  That's rich:

Roll Call reports that a few Senate Dem spokespeople are "uneasy about [Sen. Joe] Lieberman’s new communications director, Marshall Wittmann, sitting in on their weekly press secretary meetings."  Wittman's a former conservative activist and spokesman for Sen. John McCain. 

 "Now, everyone at the weekly meeting will feel like the turd in the punch bowl has a name," one colorful Senate flack told Roll Call.

"Yet another Senate Democratic communications director, one whose boss looks a lot like a presidential candidate, said, 'What’s more dangerous than a Republican-turned-Democrat-turned-Independent sitting in our strategy sessions? One who is a prodigious leaker. … I think our ability to speak our minds and get something done in our meetings just plummeted.'"

Ace timing, people. That old chestnut about "closing the door after the horse is already out of the barn" springs to mind.

The lack of enthusiasm for Wittmann seems to span the political spectrum.  Let's let Roger Ailes do the honors:

"John McCain and Joseph Lieberman are also both attracted to Marshall Wittman because of his work and thinking about a 'new campaign of national greatness.'" A new campaign of national greatness? The voters must be wetting themselves over that! Those running on an old platform of national shittiness don't stand a chance.

What exactly has Wittmann the Giant ever acheived in his legendary career, apart from self-promotion? Because I don't see anything about that in your post, or in the New York Times article. You seem to think that he has the skills to bamboozle (or seduce) "many pundits," but there's already a surplus of chuzzlewits who guzzle the Maverick/Holy Joe Drano without Wittmann's assistance.

I mostly just wrote this post so I could quote Roger Ailes.  Man's a genius.  

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Jane Hamsher

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