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Hey! Where’d all the eggs go?

I have often thought that Hugh Hewitt brought Mary Katherine Mallrat and Dean Barnett onto his blog to make himself look smarter. Not smart – smarter. There’s a fine distinction there. (And for a guy who wrote the book on blogging and has a radio listenership in the supposed millions, shouldn’t the Townhouse blog be doing a tad more traffic? Discuss.) Anyway, the MK-Rat beat seems to be surveying media coverage of any event and sniffing out bias and anti-Americanism and maybe a sale on those cute strappy tops at Wet Seal. The other day she was the Scourge of Black Friday Coverage which didn’t pan out so well for her. Today she tackles the ever-evolving story of the six Sunni’s who were apparently burnt alive, something that has kept the 101st Fighting Keyboarders all nipply because there was some question about it and if there was some question about it that obviously means that we are winning! in Iraq and the MSM is a bunch of terrorist-luvin’ poopyheads. Or something like that. I’ll leave it to you to follow her progression of the story as it evolves before her wondering eyes before she finally admits:

Horrible things happen in Iraq. I make no attempt to deny that. Terrible violence happens there every day. But just because this incident could have happened in Iraq, doesn’t mean AP reporters are any less obligated to make sure they’ve got it right. Given that many/most of Hussein’s comments to the media have come through al-Bashir, and that CENTCOM says Hussein’s not a police officer, I’d think AP would be interested in finding out a lot more about him and al-Bashir.

Because if they find out that al-Bashir is, for example, a Muslim, that could mean that the story is not true no matter how true it is.

Wait till MK-Rat finds out that baby chicks might come out of eggs if you wait long enough. I predict squeals of delight and surprise. Mainly surprise.

(Updated): You have to feel sorry for Flopping Aces who got his blog in the headlines only to have America discover that he was chasing his own tail, the end result being biting himself in the ass…

Okay, you don’t have to feel sorry, just keep the giggling down…

Bob Geiger has more.

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