Not this kind. That crazy European kind*.

This is a soccer post. You have been warned. No bitching in comments. Okay. Maybe a little.

First off, a correction to last Tuesday’s game: it was a scrimmage, and therefore doesn’t count in the record book. Thank god I cleared that up before some blogger spends days in Google for their A-HAH! moment proving that I was wrong…and that we’re actually winning in Iraq.

Anyway, tonight was another scrimmage which, if it wasn’t a scrimmage they would have won 4-0, but it was a scrimmage so just pretend it didn’t happen, okay? The whole team played well considering they have only had two days of practice together and they are trying to fill six starting spots – due to graduation – including both center mids, their stopper, both left and right defensive backs, and their top scoring forward (if you don’t know what these positions are…go ask someone with a funny accent. They’ll explain it to you in a delightful way; possibly involving beer bottles.) Casey has been moved up to both right and left midfield, a position she hasn’t played since her freshman year, and it’s pretty obvious that she has lost a step since last years knee blow-out. The knee is fine but the conditioning isn’t and so she is out a lot. This doesn’t really bother me so much, since playing in college is pretty much a done deal, and I could live without another major injury between now and March.

Having said that, I’m glad to see her move up from defense because defense is boring and I like saying “Casey got a couple of assists” or “Casey scored off of a corner” instead of “Casey didn’t get burned’ or “Casey sure cleared a lot of balls today. Boy. Howdy.”.

Not much else to say besides the fact that she didn’t have a foot in any of the scoring. As for college, she has her acceptance letter in hand, and we’re hoping to wrap up the soccer part of it in a few weeks, possibly before Christmas.

That would be swell.

*Casey. Freshman football.

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