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Uh Oh…Wurlitzer Down! Wurlitzer Down!


Now that Timmeh's network has given the thumbs up to the phrase "civil war in Iraq," with Matt Lauer playing Webster's for America by walking us through the definition this morning, where can President Bush turn for help?  Not Bill Kristol:

The biggest dogfight is still ahead: whether to cut a deal with regimes like Iran, North Korea and Syria. Bush's approach has been to counter threats from oppressive regimes by trying to change them. Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and the punditocracy's best-known neocon, says it's hard to imagine the president turning his back on all that. "I think Bush is the last neocon in power," he says. "The truth is, it was always Bush."

Froomkin, who blessedly is back from vacation, has a whole lot more on the reporting on this issue. Read the whole of Froomkin — it is worth it, every single word, and click through the links, especially the Monica Toft one from Neiman Watchdog wherein she lists the criteria for consideration of a conflict as being characterized as a civil war, and discusses the fact that Iraq has met all six criteria since 2004.

With even Richard Perle trying to hand George Bush an anvil as Perle scuttles away from the sinking ship, and the Republicans in Congress burnishing their own legacies by trying to distance themselves from the Bush tarnish, it's pretty apparent that the Wurlitzer is falling apart at the seams.  The GOP is in disarray, as the finger-pointing rife within the upper ranks spreads from top to bottom — every Republican for him or herself, I suppose, in the current climate — but where does that leave the folks who depend on their daily marching orders from the Wurlitzer to give their lives meaning and purpose?

When the facets of the Wurlitzer are fighting amongst themselves for blame and finger-pointing and credit, where does that leave the GOP rank and file?  Uh oh…Wurlitzer down.

(This has been another public service announcement from the Department of Great Moments in Popcorn…)

UPDATE:  In case you were wondering why it is that it has taken the bigwigs at the media so long to see Iraq through something other than the Administration's rose-colored lenses, Atrios has a good video demonstration.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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