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NHL, Maple Leafs OK gay-themed hockey flick

[UPDATE: San Diego fundie and “former homosexual” James Hartline loses his cookies over this. See below.]

Chalk up another bit of progress in the Great White North — with a little help from the Toronto Maple Leafs and the National Hockey League. Both organizations have approved the use of their names and logos for a film about a gay former-pro hockey player. (Outsports):

The movie, Breakfast with Scot, is a comedy about a gay couples’ lives being turned upside down when they become the guardians of an 11-year-old boy who is, for lack of a better term, a flaming homosexual. The story is based on the novel by the same name, though the characters in the novel have no relation to professional hockey.

The movie’s star, Tom Cavanaugh, who plays a gay ex-Maple Leaf whose partner is a lawyer for the team, was shocked that they secured the right from the NHL and the Leafs.

“I never in a million years thought when we finally went to shooting we’d be donning Leaf sweaters,” Cavanaugh told the Toronto Star.

…”It’s harder to tell the story asking the public to remember this is supposed to be the NHL, even though we have to call it the NHA. You have to give full credit to the NHL and the Leafs for signing on. It also shows the possibility for if someone were to come out, perhaps it wouldn’t be as big a deal as we think.

Wouldn’t you know it — the fundies are right on the case, Hilary White provides comic relief with an action alert over at LifeSite News, warning everyone of our goal of pimping homosexualist ideology…read and weep with laughter after the jump.

As a work of homosexual propaganda, the film is clearly meant to target the last vestiges of resistance to normalized homosexuality among Canadians. In the book, the homosexual couple live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and are a chiropractor and magazine editor; hockey does not figure at all.

Publishers Weekly praises the book’s value as a pro-homosexual propaganda tool calling it a “heartwarming” and “noble” depiction of a “new configuration of contemporary American family values.”

Publisher’s Weekly review said, “Scot’s flamboyant, androgynous flair makes for some school yard and neighborhood crises, but the boy’s innate sweetness and open-mindedness endear him to several youngsters and most adults.”

The homosexualist ideology asserts that the condition is natural and unchangeable and therefore that children can be born with it and have it be part of their normal sexual development. The depiction of an eleven year-old boy as a homosexual might be more than audiences are willing to accept.

Look — our friend Porno Pete is also calling for an email campaign to stop the Homo Agenda on Film!

TAKE ACTION –  E-mail Richard Peddie, President of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, to express your concern.

In turn, folks can mail Peddie to thank him.


Not to be topped (pun intended?), unhinged anti-gay California fundamentalist James Hartline weighs in on this cinematic development.

If anyone has had any doubts as to how far the extremist elements of the radical homosexual movement are willing to go to destroy the traditional institution of family, than be prepared to be shocked at the degrading film production of “Breakfast With Scot.”

In one of the most obscene betrayals of children in motion picture history, Miracle Pictures Inc. is now filming the gay-themed tale of two male homosexual lovers who take custody of an eleven year-old boy. The young boy is portrayed as a “budding” drag queen. While Breakfast With Scot is seeking to pervert society’s standardized views on family, the film does more to reveal how intent the radicalized homosexual movement is in creating an epidemic of gender confusion to justify the institutionalization of its beliefs on transsexualism and transvestitism.

…Instead of sticking to the sport of hockey and making billions of dollars for its teams and players, the National Hockey League has now decided to join forces with the radicalized homosexual movement in their declared war on traditional family values and children. By issuing a licence to the producers of Breakfast With Scot to use the league logo in the movie, the NHL has said that it wants family dollars without family values.

He goes on to call for his own action alert. Thanks for the contact info, James.


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